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Ladies, We’re Not Shopping Enough!

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27 Jun 2010

Tesla-RoadsterSome disturbing news was released last week – and, for a change, that announcement doesn’t have the name “BP” attached to it!

In the grand scheme of things, this news is much more innocuous, but it also strikes me as being rather curious. A recent study by of more than 13 million car registrations reveals that, even though women comprise more than half the population (51 percent), we account for just over one-third of new car registrations (36 percent).

Not surprisingly, the registrations that were made by women tended to focus on value and safety, with names like Volvo, Honda and Volkswagen ranking high on the women’s list. For men, new purchases were highest in the truck and exotic car market.

In fact, women accounted for 10 percent or less of the new registrations for such exotic brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Tesla (pictured above), Aston Martin and Lotus.

And not a single new Bugatti was registered to a female buyer!

Is this the best we can do? I think not! It’s time to put on our shopping shoes.

Panoz Unveils a New Heartthrob

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17 Jun 2010


Alright, ladies – we now officially have something new to lust after. And no, I’m not talking about the latest Taylor Lautner pics.

Instead, the new object of our desire comes from the well-known name of Don Panoz, founder of the Panoz Auto Devolopment Company. In the past, Panoz has brought us such great rides as the Esperante GT and the racetrack-only Panoz GTS. Now, Panoz has raised the bar with the breathtaking Panoz Abruzzi “Spirit of Le Mans.”

The car will be officially unveiled next month at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France – an event that Panoz won four years ago. As a nod to the revered race, Panoz is producing just 81 Abruzzi models – the same number of Le Mans races since its inception in 1923 until the race in 2013. Each automobile is linked to a specific Le Mans race, with the chassis number also containing that specific race date, the initials of the winning drivers and the history of that year.

Of course, the first thing to catch your eye is the stunning design. While this 600-horsepower front-engine machine looks like it means business, its sleek and sexy design also promises pleasure.

And this limited edition masterpiece isn’t just easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the environment as well. The Abruzzi’s environmental design and construction includes the implementation of the REAMS® – Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System – which marks the first time REAMS has been used on a road-going automobile. The multi-layer composite system is lighter than carbon fiber, but just as strong, and is dent-resistant, shatter-proof and recyclable.

And honestly, isn’t that what we’re all looking for: Something that’s strong, sexy, handles well – and can be recycled when we’re done with it?