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Can the Car Crash Become Obsolete?

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31 Aug 2010

Billy Joel, rejoice – Cadillac claims there’s a crash-proof car just around the corner. If so, drivers like the Piano Man – who famously mangled three cars in just two years – just might be able to keep it between the ditches…without even trying!

Cadillac announced last week that coming technologies could include in-vehicle Doppler radar, which will let you avoid traffic jams and roadblocks. Even further down the road, the company is predicting self-driving vehicles that can actually communicate with each other, traffic signals and buildings. (Now, if only they could put some of that communication technology into men!!)

Some of the early forms of these technologies are already in place in Cadillac’s 2010 DTS Platinum, which starts at around $46,280. So if you can’t wait for the future, here are some of the features you’ll find on the Platinum:

– A lane departure warning, which relies upon a camera mounted near the inside mirror to identify traffic lane markings. If you cross the line, it instantly alerts you. (I am sure the camera’s warning is MUCH less annoying than when your mother-in-law does it…)

– Blind spot alert, which uses twin radar beacons to detect an object in a vehicle’s blind zone. It then offers a visual warning in the outside side mirror.

– Adaptive cruise control, in which sensors detect objects in a vehicle’s path and slow the vehicle down to avoid a collision.

Add these new features from Cadillac with components like Lexus’ self-parking system, Mercedes-Benz’s radar sensor controls that allow automated emergency braking, and today’s intelligent distance-keeping cruise control systems, and it adds up to cars that are kind of like teenagers: They don’t need us for anything more than money to keep the gas tank full.

Mercedes to Unveil New CLS-Class

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23 Aug 2010

In 2003, Mercedes did one of the things it does best: It introduced a vehicle that was so unique that it actually created a completely new category. The CLS-Class, which combined the elegance of a coupe with the functionality of a sedan, became the only four-door coupe in its class and once again raised the bar on style.

On September 30, Mercedes-Benz will unveil the 2012 CLS-Class at the Paris Motor Show. Once again, we’re promised a vehicle that is much like the perfect date: Sporty but refined, and is just as suitable for a night out on the town as it it is for a business dinner.

Expect to be impressed with the new lines of this car. It’s less athletic looking than its predecessors, going instead for a long, sloping silhouette that is played out in countless smaller details in the car’s design.

Mercedes also had fun with the LED headlamps, displaying innovative use of LEDs by creating three arrow-shaped layers of LED lights from top to bottom for the indicator, side light and main beam. A total of 71 LEDs provide a unique night-time design that won’t go unnoticed on the road.

The cockpit benefits from the sloping design, and optional touches like black piano lacquer or carbon fiber trim elements ensure that this car is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.