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Escalade Limo Escalates Luxury Ride

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becker_strut_escaladeesv.JPGWhen you absolutely, positively have to get there in style, a limo is usually the best way to go. But how do you stand out from all the other stretches in the crowd?

Becker Automotive Designs, Inc. has answered that question by teaming up with auto customizer STRUT to create the special-edition Cadillac Escalade ESV. And this one definitely goes all out to prove that it’s not where you’re going that’s important; it’s how you get there.

The amenities inside are pretty impressive, even by Cadillac standards. Completely customized from floor to ceiling, this lush leather interior is definitely made to ensure that you enjoy the ride. Spacious captain’s chairs let you lean back and put your feet up in rich, comfortable style.

esv-interior-3.JPGThe iPod-ready audio/video system offers satellite HDTV, DVD and digital surround sound that will likely remind you it’s time to upgrade your home theater system. And all things electronic are under your control with a custom Crestron touchscreen that Becker designed using its proprietary software.

If you’re one of those all work, no play types, you’re in luck, too – it’s just as ready for work as you are. The onboard computer system has a broadband Internet connection and full printer/scanner functions. Let’s just say it beats the heck out of lugging a laptop along.

Outside, the Escalade ESV is every bit as elegant as one would expect, with STRUT’s custom jewelry collection providing accents that include a woven diamond-mesh front grille and side vents, along with the STRUT shield and Icon Wheels.

If you want to add one to your fleet, that can be done for $125,000-$225,000. Talk about business class!

Luxury Automakers Still Missing the Mark

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Although women are buying about 60 percent of the cars out there today – and influencing the decision inCadillac CTS 85 percent of all new car purchases, luxury auto manufacturers are still falling short when it comes to marketing.

“In terms of the luxury auto market, they could do much better at reaching women,” says Milton Pedraza, CEO of The Luxury Institute. “When you look at the ultra-luxury automakers, like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Maserati, they really have a long way to go.”

Pedraza says that a male-dominated industry has led to male-oriented marketing – even though the marketing firms behind the campaigns oftentimes are led by successful women.

“It’s an industry dominated by men, so they haven’t gotten the message that wealthy women are a force in their own right,” Pedraza points out. “You see it in every aspect, from the way the cars are marketed to the way women are treated in dealerships. A lot of them are not sensitive to the needs of a female driver and the buttons they need to press. Women are equally interested in [a car’s] performance, but also are drawn to the idea of achievement and rewarding yourself. This is what they luxury car manufacturers should be looking at.”

Those who do start paying attention to the fairer sex could find big rewards. With more and more women earning six and seven-figure incomes, they have the purchasing power that luxe auto manufacturers crave. Pedraza says that appealing to women’s more emotional side – as opposed to touting horsepower and speed – will be the key to success.

For proof of that, he points to Cadillac, which has found success in branding among women, thanks to some ads that show successful, attractive women enjoying their cars – and leaving male drivers in their dust.

“They’re showing women who are strong, powerful and functional,” says Pedraza. “But the one thing Cadillac still struggles with is identifying their market brand. On the one hand, they give us these great commercials with powerful, successful women, but then they also give us commercials featuring rappers, where women are used as a showpiece. In order to do better, they have to quit sending confusing signals.”

When brands like Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari refocus their campaigns, they could find a new following with a powerful, brand-loyal female marketplace.

“There’s a segment of women out there that like powerful cars, great styling and who love the driving experience,” Pedraza notes. “Luxury car brands need to understand that and speak to them as women. They need to be clear, distinct and respectful. But luxury car firms just haven’t gotten that yet.”