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What Kind of Car Are You Attracted To?

Hot on the heels of a survey that indicates women find hybrids sexier than hotrods (See What’s Sexier – A Porsche or a Prius? ), has released a new look at what kind of women are attracted to certain cars. Or, more specifically, the men who drive those cars.

Teaming up with dating expert DeAnna Lorraine, they’re released a new look at how women react to the cars men drive.

“A man’s car reveals more about his personality and values, and may determine a woman’s attraction toward him,” Lorraine says. “Women pay attention to more than just a man’s personal looks.”

Based on the five most popular cars being leased by men, Lorraine created the following profiles:

Chevy Suburban : The men at the wheel of this car like travel, adventure and spending time with friends and family. Therefore, they tend to attract women who are family-oriented, down to earth and easygoing.

Mercedes S-Class : These guys are classy, successful and stylish – Lorraine refers to them as “Sugar Daddies.” Consequently, she believes these vehicles attract sophisticated women in their late 30s and 40s who enjoy being taken care of.

Ford F-150 : OK, please step away from the gun rack and don’t shoot the messenger here. Lorraine says that the men driving these trucks tend to be insecure and overcompensate on a tough, macho level. And the little woman on the seat next to them? They’re looking for someone to protect them.

Toyota Camry : These cars attract drivers who Lorraine called “solid, reliable and committed” – and the women they attract tend to be sweet, level-headed, uncomplicated and undemanding.

Last but not least, of course, is the Corvette . Lorraine says these drivers are “conservative but trying to satisfy a mid-life crisis by displaying their wild side through their car.” Lucky for them, they attract “hot, bad girls that are impulsive, wild and rebellious.”

I’d be interested to see her take on the women who drive these cars – and the kind of men they attract. I’m guessing it would go something like this:

Chevy Suburban : Has more kids than she has hands, and consequently spends much of her time transporting them to and from soccer/guitar/baseball practice. Secretly longs for a two-seater with a really good stereo system and a man who’s had a vasectomy.

Mercedes S-Class : This woman is career-driven and enjoys the finer things in life. She is looking for a man who (a) is not threatened by her success and (b) does not consider “moving back home with mother” a viable retirement plan.

Ford F150 : Not afraid of hard work, this little lady loves being in the driver’s seat. She wants a man who knows when it’s time to sit down, shut up, pop open a beer and ride shotgun.

Toyota Camry : Here’s good news for all the accountants out there! This car is piloted by a no-nonsense woman who craves a good value and longevity. The man who wins her heart will be loyal, consistent … and probably about as exciting as a box of hammers.

Corvette : The woman at the wheel of this car thinks that mid-life crises are for sissies, and she doesn’t have the time or patience to listen to her man whine about losing his hair. She wants to get where she’s going fast, and wants to look good getting there. In fact, she would probably rather race most men than date them. And she would probably win.

For The Vette Set

The Corvette is arguably one of America’s best-loved sports cars. Throughout its 50-year history, the Corvette has been at no shortage for attracting ink, but few books talk about this car as thoroughly or eloquently as Jerry Burton in his new book, Corvette: America’s Sports Car – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Packed with previously unpublished photos from the GM archives, as well as interviews with the engineers and designers who first gave birth to this iconic auto, Burton unfolds the car’s fascinating history and then supplements his facts with vintage magazine stories and ads. All in all, it makes for a great read for ‘Vette fans and becomes a must-have reference book for anyone with an interest in sports cars in general.

The pictures alone make this worth an hour or two of your time; the images are gorgeous and are beautifully showcased in this oversized tome. It even includes images of the 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil, which is Chevrolet’s 600 horsepower supercharged 6.2 liter V8.

Pulling it all together is an impressive binding which makes this book an instant eye catcher. The brilliant “Corvette Red” padded vinyl cover is topped off with Corvette’s crossed-flags hood emblem, meaning you won’t want to put this one on the shelf – you will absolutely have to leave it out for guests to admire.

If you already own the car, you might as well read the book! And if you don’t own the car – this just might be the book to convince you to give it a second look. The book retails for $75, and of course you can find it online at