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Need a Boost? Do Some Shotz!

It’s Wednesday, that inevitable middle-of-the-week moment when the end is in sight, but you’ve still got to get through the day before you can claim the joy of sliding toward the weekend.

In my ever-present quest to find new and improved ways to increase my energy, I found the perfect companion for those weekday blahs. And it just might be the best buddy you could have on a road trip, too. If you’ve ever hopped yourself up on a Venti Latte to keep your eyelids open for the drive … only to find yourself in the middle of nowhere desperately searching for a bathroom … this drink’s for you.

Shotz is the latest addition to the burgeoning energy drink market, and it offers a healthier alternative to caffeine-based energy drinks. (Another plus about this particular array of products is that they aren’t filled with the kind of sugary sweetness that makes you feel like you’re sneaking a drink of your kid’s Kool-Aid.) The two-ounce bottles pack an energy punch that will give you a boost for about six hours and, since it relies on vitamins (mostly B6 and B12) for its main source of fuel, instead of sugar and caffeine, you won’t get that jittery feel after you’ve used it. Instead, it’s just a nice little boost to help you make it through the day.

It has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, so if you’re not a java junkie you’ll probably feel this a bit more than your caffeinated friends. But it’s not going to send you flying and then leave you face-down on your desk (or dashboard) when it wears off.

My favorite flavors are the Watermelon and the Sour Apple, both of which taste kind of like a Jolly Rancher. And again, I just have to give a thumbs-up to whomever came up with the idea of putting all that fuel in such a small package. Six hours of energy from a two-ounce drink is much better than four or five hours of turbo power from a 12-ounce bladder buster. (Fewer bathroom breaks = more productivity and/or more time on the road instead of beside it.)

So whether you need it to get through this mid-week workday, or want an extra boost on your next road trip, I strongly recommend you check it out.