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Bentley Unveils Final Arnage

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arnage_final_series_3_21.JPGAll good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that saying holds true for Bentley.

Bentley has unveiled its final version of the elegant Arnage, which has set the standard for this marque for the past decade. In return for its years of service, the automaker is giving the luxury liner a proper send-off, creating a limited edition run of just 150 cars. The 2009 Bentley Arnage Final Series will be the closest thing to a hybrid you may ever see coming from them – it combines the performance of the “T” with the refined elegance of the “R” to create the perfect marriage of luxury and power.

The 500 horsepower V8 will have a price tag of $224,990 and feature many upgrades to the customary Bentley bells and whistles. In addition to adding polished stainless steel “Final Series” treadplates to the front doors, interior extras include a rear cocktail cabinet with a “Final Series” stainless steel flask and shot glasses, an iPod interface, rear remote control for the infotainment system and a pair of picnic tables offered in your choice of premium unbleached veneers.

arnage_final_series-interior.JPGTo make this last Arnage completely personal, it’s being offered in any of Bentley’s 42 available exterior colors, with 25 interior hide color choices.  As the only auto manufacturer in the world who can boast of offering a cabin trimmed entirely with leather hides – including the headlining – Bentley uses nearly 400 pieces of leather for the interior. (The hand-crafted steering wheel along takes up to 16 hours of double stitching.)

Every detail of the elegant Arnage is going to reflect the refined luxury that Bentley has delivered faithfully and flawlessly through the years. This final edition is the best send-off that such a car could hope for, and as a reward for those years of service, these appointments certainly beat a gold watch!

Need A Bigger Ego? Get The $19,800 Ego For Bentley laptop!

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ego_computer_image_hotspur_11.JPGWhat’s the perfect accessory to go with your Bentley? How about a powerful Ego?

No, we don’t mean that in a bad way!

Bentley Motors has partnered with the luxury electronics retailer, Ego Lifestyle, to create a sleek and unique notebook computer. The Ego for Bentley, which will retail for about $19,800, is a luxury laptop that has many of the same features that makes the Bentley such a delight: It boasts a refined design and is hand-built to ensure perfection in both detail and craftsmanship.

To complete the Bentley tie-in, the interior color options of the lacquered notebook match the car’s most popular exterior colors, while, on the outside, the panels are trimmed with Bentley leather and then finished with Bentley’s cross-over hand-stitching. Even the iconic Bently knurling, found on the interior accents of its cars, is replicated here, with etching on the handle.

Each notebook is designed to the owner’s requests and requirements, which means you get your choice of colors and finishes. Touches such as sliding doors to cover access ports add to the elegant feel of this ergonomically designed notebook. The design doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill notebook; the clamshell-styled case looks more like an elegant accessory. And, since each notebook is a work of art, it just makes sense that each of these limited edition notebooks are engraved with their own number.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 160 GB hard drive, a 64-bit processor and Microsoft Vista Ultimate software. A dozen dedicated direct access keys make Wi-fi, Bluetooth, a web cam and a handful of other operations quick and easy.

Bentley says the notebook is due to hit the shelves “this fall,” which, accordingly to my calendar, starts today. So better get in line fast – only 250 of these limited edition laptops will be made.

Building a Better Bentley

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Not that anyone was complaining about the luxury of its current and/or previous models, but now Bentley has announced plans for a new and improved car.

The British automaker has announced that, beginning in 2009, the Flying Spur lineup will be joined by its most powerful four-door to date – the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed. Combining the cabin comforts of the Flying Spur with the driving performance of the highly acclaimed Contintental GT Speed, this latest addition is a 12-cylinder powerhouse with 600 horsepower that will top out at around 200 miles an hour, besting the Flying Spur’s top number of 195. It will also outperform the standard Spur in the 0-60 showdown, hitting the mark in 4.5 seconds, which shaves .4 seconds off the standard Flying Spur’s 0-60 performance. (Good to know if you’re in a hurry.)

Bentley has lowered the ride height, which will help the car hit its full velocity potential on the open road, and the Speed also boasts a reworked chassis that provides tauter handling and better steering response. With so many racing elements incorporated, designers also gave the car improved agility and body control … and then added thicker anti-roll bars to both the front and back of the car. Not that you’ll need them, of course – but it’s good to know they’re there.

As expected, this car isn’t designed just for superior performance, but for ultimate style and elegance as well. It has the familiar Bentley curves and styling cues, but subtle design shifts make the Flying Spur Speed stand out on the road. The dark-tinted radiator and air intake grilles are designed to emphasize the performance offered by this beauty, and it also sports wide exhaust pipes and unique multi-spoke alloy wheels – which are available either in bright silver or darkened tungsten. Bentley has also supersized the 19-inch tires offered on the Spur to 20-inch Pirelli P-Zeroes.

Like the rest of the car, the Speed’s interior also shows a darker side of Bentley, but it works exceptionally well. With expected but well-executed touches such as the gear lever in knurled chrome and hide, it is as beautiful as anything Bentley has ever put on the road. Carrying out its dark side, even the engine cover is black.

Around town, you’ll be getting about 10 miles to the gallon, although on the highway you can expect to squeeze out around 17 mpg.

Bentley’s official word on the Flying Spur Speed, according to Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn from their Board of Engineering, is that it “advances its Bentley performance credentials while delivering outstanding refinement and comfort through our unique application of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship.”

Translation? This car has the performance power to blow other cars off the road…and the stylng elegance to knock your socks off in the process.

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