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Help Fido Fight Carsickness!

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everyday-pets-stuff.JPGwillie-and-dixie-in-lambo.JPGAs an animal lover, few things compare to sharing the open road with my four-legged friends. And few things are worse than having those same four-legged friends lose their lunch in the car.

My friend Ron takes his King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Willie and Dixie (pictured), with him almost everywhere he goes. It doesn’t matter if he’s driving his Lamborghini Gallardo or his Bentley Continental; those dogs can be found sitting proud in the front seat. While I don’t give my Boston Terriers quite the same globe-trotting experience, they still log plenty of miles in the car with me.

Fortunately, I’m blessed with a pair of pooches that are travel-friendly and don’t have problems with motion sickness. However, for those car-lovers whose hounds do have a hard time hitting the road, there’s a new, all-natural way to curb their carsickness.

Ease The Quease is part of a new line of organic products from dog expert Kathy Santo that helps fight motion sickness in dogs. The new line, called Everyday Pets, uses natural ingredients to soothe a variety of your canine’s woes. Made with certified organic herbs, Ease The Quease has such stomach-soothing ingredients as ginger root, St. Johns wort, anise seed, peppermint and spearmint. And unlike medications that can knock out your four-legged friend, these natural formulas won’t have any sedating side effects.

So if you want your little buddy to keep his cool (and his lunch) on those long drives, check out Kathy Santo’s products here. You’ll also find some great travel wipes, called Tidy Wipe-Ease, which provide quick clean-ups on the go. If you’ve got a doggie that goes wherever you go, these products belong in your travel box!

Dyson – The Next Big Name in Autos?

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dyson-vacuum.jpgWhen Dyson came on the scene with its superb line of wind-tunnel vacuums a few years ago, I had to have one. The selling points were just too strong: As the first bagless vacuum on the market, it was also easy to maneuver and completely allergy-friendly. Sold. It’s not as good as having someone clean my house for me, but it makes the task – dare I say it – more enjoyable. (Or at least less dreadful.)

Inventor James Dyson hasn’t just been resting on the millions he’s made as the King of Suction; now the brilliant Brit has a new idea that’s gaining traction. Dyson has announced that, for his next trick, he’ll build an electric car. He plans on creating a lightweight solar-powered motor based on those found in his fabulous vacuums. The battery would get its charge from solar panel on the car’s roof or could also be charged from panels on the garage’s roof.

Rather than try designing the body, Dyson is focusing on the motor and, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, will team up with an automaker such as Honda to build the perfect shell for his electric car. Best of all, Dyson is determined to shake the notion that electric cars are only good for city driving.

“An electric motor can go to very high speeds,” he promises. Given what the man can do with a vacuum cleaner, I’m hoping he can do the same with a car.

Can’t wait to drive down the road with the bumper sticker that reads, “My Other Dyson is a Vacuum Cleaner.”

Online Shopping Continues to Grow – But Not For Luxury Cars

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Bentley in showroomMore and more wealthy Americans are turning to the web to get their shopping done, but when it comes to luxury cars, they’d rather hit the showroom floor.

That’s the final word from a study conducted by the Luxury Institute, which found that, while shopping online for luxury goods is way up, only about one-fourth of us are comfortable buying our cars that way. The study, which surveyed households with an average net worth of $2.9 million, provides some interesting insight into high-end shopping.

Luxury shoppers appear to be much more at ease buying real estate or big-ticket jewelry items online; nearly 40 percent are content to do so. And nearly two-thirds of people with annual incomes of $150,000 or more are OK with buying fashion apparel or finding wealth advisors online. But when it comes to cars – well, the showroom experience just can’t be beat. Maybe it’s that new car smell.

“These highly tactile, big-ticket luxury items are generally better experienced rather than simply presented on a website,” explains Milton Pedraza, Luxury Institute CEO. However, that doesn’t mean luxury players don’t need a presence on the web.

Nearly two-thirds of all high-end shoppers go directly to the web to get more information on their purchases before they buy. So while today’s consumers are reluctant to make online purchases beyond $10,000 (the average comfort threshold for online purchases was about $3,294), the overall shift toward more online activity is making its way to higher end purchases.

So does that mean it’s only a matter of time before you’ll buy that new Aston Martin online? Time will tell. As Pedraza noted, it’s hard to truly get the “wow” effect from a web site; nothing beats walking into the showroom and driving off with a brand new steering wheel in your hands. This could be one experience that even technology can’t replicate – or replace.

Inside Mercedes’ Final McLaren

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sp-in-mclaren-looking-over-shoulder-low-res-4825.jpgThere’s no doubt that the Mercedes SLR McLaren (pictured at top right of this page) is a stunning piece of machinery. With the fastest automatic transmission in the world and 5.4 litre supercharged V8, it has enjoyed a storied ride since production began in 2003.

Last year, Mercedes announced it would halt production of the SLR (which stands for Sport, Light, Racing) and now we’ve gotten a glimpse of the final Mercedes McLaren, which is slated to roll off the line early in ’09.

This weekend, the German publication Auto Motor und Sport offered a full report of the final venture between Mercedes and McLaren. Only 75 units will be produced for the final SLR run, and the photos show us that this new incarnation is a dramatic departure from the stylish gull-winged McLaren we’ve come to know and love.

03_mercedes_benz_slr_mclaren_speedster_1s.jpgInstead, the final SLR will borrow inspiration from Rudolf Uhlenhaut’s 1955 300 SLR, which had an open-air construction … that means no roof or even a windshield. (Yes, ladies, this car is going to be hell on the hairdo.) Instead of a windshield, a small wind deflector will help divert some of that airflow, which suddenly makes a helmet seem like a good idea. Especially given this car’s ability to go from zero to 186 mph in 26 seconds.

Adding to its Spartan appeal, this last SLR also is leaving out touches like air conditioning and power windows, and the carbon plastic body will further reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Removing the extras have given the car an eight mile an hour advantage over the more luxurious 722 Edition; the final SLR will be able to hit a top speed of 217.5 mph, compared to the paltry 209 mph of the 722.

If you can read German and want to get more details, you can read the entire Auto Motor und Sport story here. Meanwhile, I think I’ll go back to looking for a car with air conditioning. And visors. With vanity mirrors. Call me picky, but for $450,000, I really expect a windshield!

Escalade Limo Escalates Luxury Ride

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becker_strut_escaladeesv.JPGWhen you absolutely, positively have to get there in style, a limo is usually the best way to go. But how do you stand out from all the other stretches in the crowd?

Becker Automotive Designs, Inc. has answered that question by teaming up with auto customizer STRUT to create the special-edition Cadillac Escalade ESV. And this one definitely goes all out to prove that it’s not where you’re going that’s important; it’s how you get there.

The amenities inside are pretty impressive, even by Cadillac standards. Completely customized from floor to ceiling, this lush leather interior is definitely made to ensure that you enjoy the ride. Spacious captain’s chairs let you lean back and put your feet up in rich, comfortable style.

esv-interior-3.JPGThe iPod-ready audio/video system offers satellite HDTV, DVD and digital surround sound that will likely remind you it’s time to upgrade your home theater system. And all things electronic are under your control with a custom Crestron touchscreen that Becker designed using its proprietary software.

If you’re one of those all work, no play types, you’re in luck, too – it’s just as ready for work as you are. The onboard computer system has a broadband Internet connection and full printer/scanner functions. Let’s just say it beats the heck out of lugging a laptop along.

Outside, the Escalade ESV is every bit as elegant as one would expect, with STRUT’s custom jewelry collection providing accents that include a woven diamond-mesh front grille and side vents, along with the STRUT shield and Icon Wheels.

If you want to add one to your fleet, that can be done for $125,000-$225,000. Talk about business class!

Less Pain at the Pump

It’s almost impossible to remember the last time I watched a newscast that didn’t include2009 Ford Escape Hybrid a report on the rising price of gas. As the numbers break the $4 a gallon mark, even those who can afford the $100 tank of gas are rethinking their choices.

The one-two punch of environmental awareness and soaring gas prices has led GM to shun its behemouth Hummer and has made the used SUV market a bargain for anyone who doesn’t mind making up for it at the gas pump.

So now, some good news: GM has turned its attention to the Volt, its plug-in hybrid, with production set for 2010. For those who don’t want to wait, has released its list of the 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles in the U.S.

It’s no surprise to find the Toyota Prius at the top of that list. The highly praised Prius has become a celebrity in its own right and the symbol for all things green. With 48 mpg/highway and 45 mpg in the city, no other car can touch this one. Yet.

Following on its heels are the 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid (45/highway, 40/city); the tiny Smart Fortwo (41/highway, 33/city); the 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid (35/highway, 33/city); and the 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid (34/highway, 33/city).

Rounding out the top 10 list are the 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid, the ’08 Toyota Yaris, the ’08 Mini Cooper and the 2008 Honda Fit. See the whole story here.

Keep It Clean – But Conserve Water

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waterless-on-benz-low-res-5620.JPGThose of us who are concerned about the environment face some sizeable challenges when it comes to our love of cars. Let’s put aside the whole gas-guzzling issue for a moment, and look at something we used to take for granted – keeping our cars clean.

Yes, we all want that fresh-from-the-factory look when we’re driving down the street. A clean, shiny car – regardless of its make or model – simply looks and feels better than a dirty one. At the same time, however, there’s been a lot of attention given to our evaporating natural resource, water, and so hosing down the sports car can certainly inflict some feelings of guilt.

Before the month is over, it could go beyond guilt, as nearly two dozen states are considering water convservation plans for the rest of the summer.

Fortunately, there’s a fairly simple solution on the market right now. Detail Magic, which makes a nice line of automotive detailing products, has introduced a Waterless Car Wash and Wax that lets you keep your car sparkling clean without spilling so much as a single drop of water.

Although it’s not going to let you scrub up your Land Rover after a muddy romp through the swamp, it’s the solution you’ve been looking for to keep your car in mint condition between washings. All you do is shake it, spray it and then wipe down your car. It’s like cleaning your kitchen – only a lot faster! – and the planet will thank you.

What If Your Hybrid Needs Repairs?

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2007-toyota-prius.jpgHybrids have become some of the hottest property around, thanks to that one-two punch of environmental consciousness and skyrocketing gas prices. In fact, according to Automotive News, sales of the Toyota Prius are up nearly 4 percent from last year and a year-old Prius is now worth more than it was when it was new.

That’s good news for owners – and for the environment – but this new ownership comes with some new questions. Like – Where do you get it fixed if you are far from your home dealership?

The answer, according to Angie Hicks – namesake and founder of Angie’s List, a service company rating site – is getting easier to find.

“Right now the easiest way to ensure you get a hybrid-certified mechanic is to use the service department of a dealership that sells new hybrid vehicles,” recommends Hicks. “Mechanics at those dealerships are required to undergo extensive hybrid training that some independent mechanics may not have gotten yet.”

However, with hybrids heating up the market, more repair shops are sending their mechanics back to school to learn the tricks of this new trade. She advises to simply ask for proof that the mechanic is certified to work on a hybrid before handing him the keys.

The best plan, of course, is to find a certified mechanic before you need one. Developing a long-term relationship with your mechanic is always a good idea, so plan ahead and start cultivating this before you need one. Some of Hicks’ tips for hybrid auto repair also include:

– Never work on the electrical system yourself.

– Be timely with the tire rotations, as the torque of a hybrid engines can wear out tires faster than on a traditional gasoline engine.

– Keep your routine – maintenance, that is. Staying current on your regular maintenance schedule extends the life of your hybrid in addition to preserving its resale value.

As if lower gas bills and environmental do-goodism weren’t enough, Hicks found another piece of good news for hybrid owners: Maintenance and repair costs are less than maintenance of traditional vehicles, thanks to fewer components that require regular maintenance. So you aren’t just driving green – you’re saving green!

Inside the 2009 Lincoln MKS

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With rising fuel costs and uncertain economic times looming, even luxury buyers are taking a more conservative approach to shopping. With that in mind, Lincoln will roll out a new luxury sedan this summer that combines some high-end features with a surprisingly moderate pricetag.

The 2009 Lincoln MKS, which will hit showrooms this summer, starts at around $38,000. That price tag is meant to help attract first-time luxury buyers, and Lincoln is unveiling some attractive amenities to help first-timers plunge into the luxury experience.

Outwardly, the car boasts the clean, classic lines you’d expect from a Lincoln. The distinctive double-wing grille was inspired by the 1941 Lincoln Contintental, and that’s the starting point for an elegantly designed body that comes in nine colors, from the sedate, executive-feeling Tuxedo Black Metallic to the much more energized, ready-for-the-nightlife Sangria Red Metallic.

Inside, the cabin is a terrific combination of business class and high-tech innovation. The stylish two-tone interior has such luxury touches as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, wood trim and leather seats with the heated/cooling features we’ve come to expect. They’ve super-sized the glove box and given some thought to cupholder design – there’s even a fold-down console in the back to give rear-seat passengers access to cupholders of their own.

But beyond the design of the interior, it is the high-tech touches that make this car truly stand out. Lincoln has pumped a lot of life into this car, and it shows with such features as SYNC – a voice-activated in-car systm that lets you access your cell phone and digital media player; Adaptive Cruise Control, which not only sets the car’s speed but automatically adjusts to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you; automatic moisture-activated windshield wipers; a rearview camera system and a forward sensing system, which together will pretty much eliminate any parking problem you might run into – except finding an actual parking space.

As a clincher for luxury-minded consumers who are also watching their checkbook, Lincoln has borrowed the powertrain from its MKX, which was named one of Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 2007. The aluminim block and lightweight four-valve heads ensure smooth operations, even at high RPMs, and it delivers the power of a V8 with the efficiency of a V6.

Lincoln has already reported a huge response to this sedan, with nearly 9,000 pre-order already placed. Find out more about it here.

Study: New Cars Are Losing Their Luster

Is that new car smell losing its thrill? Could be, according to a new survey released by J.D Power and Associates.

The 2008 APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Study shows that drivers are less thrilled with their new car purchases than they were a year ago. But it isn’t necessarily the cars themselves that are to blame. Instead, drivers point to prices at the pump, which have gone up 27 percent since last year’s survey.

“The increased cost of filling their vehicles … leads to a greater level of dissatisfaction with fuel economy than in the past,” notes David Sargent, vice president of automotive research at J.D. Power and Associates. “Manufacturers that deliver more fuel-efficient vehicles…stand a better chance of delighting their customers.”

And there definitely were some delights to be found. Although Honda fared the best, capturing the highest level of satisfaction in three categories, luxury marque Porsche held its own with top ratings in two categories. It took home the APEAL award for its Cayman in the “Compact Premium Sporty Car” category and for the Cayenne in the “Compact Multi-Activity Vehicle (MAV)” division.

Jaguar also fared well, earning a perfect score in “Overall Performance and Design.”

Luxury models that got the thumbs-up from satisfied drivers were the Lexus IS 250/IS 350/IS-F (Entry Premium Car); the BMW 5 Series (Midsize Premium Car) and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Large Premium Car).

Joining the Porsche Cayenne in the Premium MAV category was Land Rover‘s Range Rover, which topped the list for Large Premium MAVs.

The survey goes hand-in-hand with J.D. Powers and Associates’ Initial Quality Study, which was released about three weeks ago and focuses on problems experienced by new owners during the first 90 days of ownership. To see how your favorite auto manufacturer fared, click here.





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