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MV Agusta: It’s About Time!

Most of the ads in today’s newspapers focused on possible suggestions for Father’s Day gifts. Since it’s only a week away, I guess it’s time for all the moms/kids/wives to get out there and find a fresh new way of saying “Happy Dad’s Day.” But I don’t know that a recliner with built-in cupholders or a Nerf handle for his Wii Golf game (this year’s answer to the tie) is really what he’s hoping for. So maybe it’s time to put down the paper and find something a little more original.

If you’re looking for something truly unique – and you happen to have a motorcyle enthusiast in the house – I’ve got just the thing. The new MV 75 World Champion Collection is a stunning new line of wrist watches that will, hands-down, make your gift the best one he gets all year. A collaboration between Italian watchmaker Jean Richard and Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta, this limited edition timepiece is a beautiful combination of both company’s skill sets. The rugged details of the iconic motorcyle proves to be the perfect complement for the watch designer’s elegant heritage, and flashes of red on the dial give a nod to the bike’s famous color. You’ll see other MV touches throughout; even the face resembles the MV Agusta’s instrument dials, and it’s named for the 75 world championships the company has enjoyed so far.

Depending on how happy you want that Father’s Day celebration to be, you can buy it in one of three limited editions, that range from $8,000 (for the stainless steel model) to $21,000 (for the rose gold edition).

And just think, with that shopping decision out of the way, you can focus on what’s really important. Like which new pair of shoes you deserve after buying him such a nice gift!

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