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Lincoln MKS: Leave the Parking to Us

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What’s the next best thing to valet parking? (Okay, limousine service is the correct answer, but it’s a trick question…)

lincoln-mks.JPGWhen you absolutely, positively have to do it yourself, at least now there is a better way to park. The 2010 Lincoln MKS sedan, which will become available in mid 2009, is one of two new Ford models that will be equipped with Active Park Assist. (For the record, it is way better than having someone in the passenger’s seat simply point out that you’re too close to the curb/car behind you/car in front of you.) The system uses ultrasonic sensors and Electric Power Assisted Steering to ease your car into a parallel parking spot – which means that you don’t even need to touch the wheel while it does its thing.

The MKS sedan and the new Lincoln MKT seven-passenger luxury crossover are the first two vehicles in Ford’s fleet to be equipped with such technology, although the company expects to fit nearly 90 percent of its vehicles with such a feature by 2012. (More on the MKT after it is unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.)

The driver-friendly parking technology, known as Electric Power Assisted Steering, or EPAS, sounds almost too good to be true: Press a button, and the ultrasonic sensors identify and measure the parking space. Once the system gives the thumbs-up, the driver can accept system assistance, at which point the steering system takes over and maneuvers the car into the space – hands-free. (The driver is still responsible for shifting the transmission and operating the gas and brakes.)

Allegedly, this cool new system does more than remove the stress of parallel parking – it also claims to improve fuel economy by up to 5 percent. But of course, what we’re most impressed with is the idea that we don’t have to wrestle our cars into those parallel spaces any more.

If only they could make doing laundry this easy!

Inside the 2009 Lincoln MKS

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With rising fuel costs and uncertain economic times looming, even luxury buyers are taking a more conservative approach to shopping. With that in mind, Lincoln will roll out a new luxury sedan this summer that combines some high-end features with a surprisingly moderate pricetag.

The 2009 Lincoln MKS, which will hit showrooms this summer, starts at around $38,000. That price tag is meant to help attract first-time luxury buyers, and Lincoln is unveiling some attractive amenities to help first-timers plunge into the luxury experience.

Outwardly, the car boasts the clean, classic lines you’d expect from a Lincoln. The distinctive double-wing grille was inspired by the 1941 Lincoln Contintental, and that’s the starting point for an elegantly designed body that comes in nine colors, from the sedate, executive-feeling Tuxedo Black Metallic to the much more energized, ready-for-the-nightlife Sangria Red Metallic.

Inside, the cabin is a terrific combination of business class and high-tech innovation. The stylish two-tone interior has such luxury touches as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, wood trim and leather seats with the heated/cooling features we’ve come to expect. They’ve super-sized the glove box and given some thought to cupholder design – there’s even a fold-down console in the back to give rear-seat passengers access to cupholders of their own.

But beyond the design of the interior, it is the high-tech touches that make this car truly stand out. Lincoln has pumped a lot of life into this car, and it shows with such features as SYNC – a voice-activated in-car systm that lets you access your cell phone and digital media player; Adaptive Cruise Control, which not only sets the car’s speed but automatically adjusts to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you; automatic moisture-activated windshield wipers; a rearview camera system and a forward sensing system, which together will pretty much eliminate any parking problem you might run into – except finding an actual parking space.

As a clincher for luxury-minded consumers who are also watching their checkbook, Lincoln has borrowed the powertrain from its MKX, which was named one of Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 2007. The aluminim block and lightweight four-valve heads ensure smooth operations, even at high RPMs, and it delivers the power of a V8 with the efficiency of a V6.

Lincoln has already reported a huge response to this sedan, with nearly 9,000 pre-order already placed. Find out more about it here.